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Challenge: our progressive source

Like what we have mentioned before, we are going to develop general experimental method, together with simulation test to measure the powertrain efficiency of electric bicycle, nevertheless, on our way to approach the experiment and simulation, we are encountering small … Continue reading

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We aim to: Develop a general experiment method to test the powertrain efficiency of different kinds of electric bicycle at different velocities. As a comparison, we also build the powertrain model and do the simulation in AMESim to test the … Continue reading

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Powertrain: Heart-of-Electric-Bicycle

It is well-known that powertrain acts a crucial part in vehicles. However, most people still keep raising the common query that why this issue is so important in our life? Well, generally speaking, the efficiency of powertrain is directly linked … Continue reading

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E-bike Powertrain

The powertrain in an electric bicycle refers to the group of components that generate power and deliver it to the road surface. This includes the electric motor driven by the battery pack, human power, and transmission part. As you can … Continue reading

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