Powertrain: Heart-of-Electric-Bicycle

It is well-known that powertrain acts a crucial part in vehicles. However, most people still keep raising the common query that why this issue is so important in our life? Well, generally speaking, the efficiency of powertrain is directly linked to the evaluation of eco-friendliness, it can be measured, adjusted and is highly related to the available performance of the vehicles.

In the future society, electric bicycles will undoubtedly play a vitally significant role in the traffic transportation thanks to its eco-friend characteristics. Nevertheless, there is still a long way to go that human beings on one hand, are able to please the environment, and on the other hand, well-improve the performances of electric bicycles. The most effective way to achieve this goal is to study the efficiency of the powertrain of electric bicycles, and this no doubt turns out to be a highlighted issue nowadays.

Reference: http://www.tdi-plc.com/files/Rototest_white_paper_transmission_losses.pdf

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4 Responses to Powertrain: Heart-of-Electric-Bicycle

  1. What about the price of those electric bikes. Isn’t it still cheaper for bigger households to buy a car instead of electric bikes for each family member?

    • Xue Feng says:

      The price of the electric bikes is around 400 dollars to 10000 dollars depending on what kind of e-bike you choose. Yeah, the price seems expensive. However, the e-bike does not require insurance (while compared with car), gas, and expensive parking. It is totally environmental friendly just as the normal bikes. The most important thing is, it is definitely good for your heath. In addition, due to the extra electric motor power, you can enjoy the speed without getting tired easily.
      I also found an video about a person’s feeling by riding e-bike. http://www.youtube.com/user/ElectricBikeReview
      Hope it is clear enough for you question.

  2. I wouldn’t go as far as to say that the bikes are totally environmentally friendly. You are still tasked with the fabrication of batteries and other parts that are energy consuming and not environmentally friendly, also when it comes to the recycling of these parts, especially batteries.

    • Xue Feng says:

      Indeed, I agree with you. But e-bikes are more environmentally friendly than exhaust-spewing vehicles (as we all know, the greenhouse issue). In my new post, you can also look into the dark side of e-bikes, for example, the safety issue.

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