Challenge: our progressive source

Like what we have mentioned before, we are going to develop general experimental method, together with simulation test to measure the powertrain efficiency of electric bicycle, nevertheless, on our way to approach the experiment and simulation, we are encountering small challenges:

Speaking of the experiment, since we eventually make up our mind to use simple linkage mechanism to model the pedaling behavior of human being to save the pocket, we need to figure out a detailed manufacturing plan, which in other words, means: we have to consider what kind of material we are going to use; how we are going to connect the linkage between pedal and DC motor (provide power of human); which dimensions we are going to design the linkage for stresses under different situations?

While for the simulation in AMESIM, because some of the parameter-settings are based on our experiment, and at this stage, the priority is how to figure out the correct simulation model to advance our progress. 

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2 Responses to Challenge: our progressive source

  1. maartentaekels says:

    I think this is very interesting what you’re saying here. But this information on your blog is getting to specific and to difficult to understand. You should post more about the social, economic, environmental,… topics concerning your thesis. That’s what this assignement is about. If you want some more information, you can always check toledo.

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