Electric Bicycle Category

The category of electric bicycle can be varied in different ways. Due to its legal issues, normally it is classified according to the fact that how the power is activated and controlled.

Pedal Activation
Motor being engaged by pedal activation, this kind of electric bicycle is well-known as Pedelecs, which can also be classified to be Pedelecs proper and S-Pedelecs. For the former one, the speed of the drive system is limited, so the power of the motor is relatively low. While for the latter, the motor is more powerful, therefore, riders would always require licenses and wear helmets.

Throttle Operation
For this kind of electric bicycles, the electric motor is manually engaged and controlled by operating the throttle equipped on the handgrip.

Dual Mode
As the name suggests, this kind of electric bicycle is combined with both pedal activation and throttle operation, therefore riders are able to choose whatever they appreciate to drive the bicycle。

Reference: http://www.electricvehiclesnw.com/main/ebike-cats.htm

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2 Responses to Electric Bicycle Category

  1. maartentaekels says:

    Could you perhaps tell me which type is the most common here in Belgium? Last week an older lady passed me with her (I assume) electric bycicle and she was travelling a quite some speed 🙂 So maybe in the future they would have to get a driving license for their bike?

    • Limin Liang says:

      The most common type of electric in Belgium is Pedelecs. True, people could choose their willing speed, but there is a speed limit for the electric assistance of the motor: Pedelecs in the sense of European legislation stop the electric motor above a velocity of 25 km/h. Due to the speed limitation, currently it would be still no problem if there is a must for a driving license or not. However as time goes by, if speed is unlimited in the future, indeed driving license is required…..

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