Sustainability:Copenhagen wheel

Smart, elegant, and intelligent, being well-known for its smooth red hub, the Copenhagen wheel becomes the most beneficial treasure for urban transportation. Designed by MIT’s SENSEable City Lab, it possesses a specific feature of transforming almost every ordinary bicycle into electric bicycle.

Powered by a 48V rechargeable battery, with an internal gearing system and motor, the wheel is in fact a smart sensing self-contained unit, which can work at a range of 30 miles. With the existence of the gearing system, the wheel is able to capture the energy dissipated while user is cycling and braking, which can be saved for whenever a little boost is needed.

Controlled through a smart phone, the Copenhagen wheel also maps pollution levels, traffic congestion, and road conditions feedback in real time. Users are able to control how much motor power for assistance, to lock and unlock the bicycle, as well as to change the gear ratio. When users are cycling, the sensing unit of the wheel also analyze the environment, for instance, road condition, noise, relative humidity and so on. And as users wish, they can share the data with friends or tune the information on their city.

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2 Responses to Sustainability:Copenhagen wheel

  1. maartentaekels says:

    I think this Copenhagen wheel is really revolutionary. It’s fairly cheap in accordance to other electric bikes and it even fits on every bike.This could make it possible for a lot more people to drive electric. Maybe I will buy one myself later on, thanks for sharing this novelty!

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