Greenway: NOT just for green

Greenway, as its name suggested, is a line-shape green open space, constructing along streamside, railway, trench etc. It is as well a landscape path connecting main roads, natural reserve areas, and scenic spots, however, only being available for wandering and cycling. This kind of green corridor has been very successful in Guangdong, China. Guess now what is in my mind, I am wondering what if greenway is developed in Belgium?

There is no doubt that Belgium set a very good example for cycle tracks, however, such track always disappear in remote areas. And in light of the abundant natural idyllic scenery of Belgium, it will be a very smart idea to construct a systematic greenway along Belgium. The greenway could be based on the current route of cycle tracks, and expand to trench, countryside, till other cities. It not only provides residents chances to experience the nature but creates harmony to the environment.

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One Response to Greenway: NOT just for green

  1. wmz1991 says:

    Bike path along with car path is sometimes dangerous. So building stand alone bike path is a good motivation for biking. Given that the weather is a problem for biking sometimes, building a standard alone biking path with good infrastructure such as rain cover will be a big step for the development of green transportation.

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