Cycling Momentum

The cycling quality is usually testified by the way how the cycling momentum is behaving. For instance, if the cyclist is cycling on a flat stretch at a very high speed, and then all of a sudden, there encounters an uphill stretch. At the very beginning, the former high speed will aid the uphill behavior for a certain moment, nevertheless, once the cycling momentum is spent, either you have to switch to a lower gear or pedal industriously to keep the speed constant. The point at which the momentum fails replies on how long and how steep the road is.

Another potential aspect which will influence the cycling momentum is aerodynamic and the vehicle weight. These factors are the inner elements which is determined artificially as the former is influenced by the shape of the vehicle as well as the cycling speed, while the latter is impacted by either the manufacturing material or the cyclist himself.

Well, what is your opinion on the issue of cycling momentum?


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One Response to Cycling Momentum

  1. wmz1991 says:

    I think we have a e-bike that helps to elongate the cycling momentum when climbing. The better will be changed when we are cycling down a hill and store as the power for cycling up a hill.

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