Ebike, get in shape & save energy

If you want to improve your health, lose weight, or get in shape, what would be your choice, bicycle or electric bicycle?

In my opinion, for starting your exercise, electric bicycle is a better idea than bicycle. There are two types of electric bicycle, power-on-demand and power-assist. If you choose power-on-demand electric bicycle, when you are at the tail-end of your stamina, just click on the power and you will be able to get back to where you need to go. If you select power-assist electric bicycle, this kind of electric bicycle will do about 50% of the work for you so you can lose weight and build up stamina by gradually building up the distance you travel.

Another advantage of electric bicycle is that there are a kind of electric bicycle, when you pedaling, you also can charge the battery at the same time. Hence, it is a win-win situation, doing the exercise and saving the energy.

What’s your opinion?

Reference: http://electric-powered-bikes.com/blog/a-healthy-choice-the-electric-bike/

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One Response to Ebike, get in shape & save energy

  1. wmz1991 says:

    The power-on-demand and power-assist e-bikes has already been well adopted in China. In Leuven the e-bikes are not so common to see, maybe is because people usually leave far from where they are working and used to driving. As the last kind of bike in the last part, I doubt the efficiency. Chemical energy -> electric energy -> dynamic energy normally have a lower efficiency than just chemical energy ->dynamic energy. So that might not be a wise option.

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