Wireless electric bicycle

Daymak’s new shadow ebike is a totally wireless. The entire electrical system integrates the battery, the electric motor, the magnetic regenerative brakes, the throttle, and the pedal-assist functions. Daymak plans to offer the shadow ebike with a choice if 250W or 350W electric motor, which provide a 12-15 miles range as a “pure electric vehicle”, or 22-25 miles in pedal-assist mode.

The feature I like most is the USB port in the ebike. You can charge your iPhone, iPad or other similar device when pedaling.

While, of course, the drawback is the price. It costs around 1450 euros. And I think the other drawback is that when some components inside the sealing part are broken, it is hard to repair.


Reference: http://gas2.org/2011/02/26/the-wireless-electric-bike-that-charges-your-iphone/?utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=feed&utm_campaign=Feed%3A+IM-gas2+%28Gas+2.0%29

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3 Responses to Wireless electric bicycle

  1. wmz1991 says:

    This is a bike with nice features. But is have not seen anyone biking it which means it might not be that popular. I think the reason of not being popular is not only the price. A person who need a long travel like 10 miles would most like choose driving which a person who wants a economy and health life might be likely to choose a profession exercise bike. But mix of double proposes make either of the propose obvious.

  2. Bram V says:

    Won’t those wheels catch a lot of wind? Seems a bit dangerous

  3. I’d like to pick in on the comment about the increased repair difficulty. While this may be true, I don’t believe this is really an issue. Everything gets more complex over time, a car from 30 years ago had perhaps five parts that could break, a car today has exponentially more parts and an exponential higher level of intricacy, yet repairing them still works fine. When I recently brought my bike to the bike repair store, there were also many electrical bikes present. I asked the man in the store if this posed any challenge, and he replied that the repairs weren’t harder, just different.

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