Bicycling Condition

With more and more traffic jam around the road, bicycling has been called for as an effective way to alleviate congestion as well as improve the air bells quality. However, there raises a problem challenging this eco-friendly vehicle alternative: the weather condition.

Many weather-depended amateur cyclists would abandon their bike during winter when temperature drops to 5 degree or during summer at temperature above 25 degree. As a matter of fact, most of them would be in favor of temperature at about 15 degree.

Cold air impact is usually increased by wind. The below graph shows that if one cycle at 0℉at about 5m/s, the cooling effect is almost the same as the condition at about -20 degree. And since such curves are not linear, the impact seems worse as the wind gets colder.

While at higher temperature, the humidity becomes extremely important. As the temperature increases, the cycling behavior becomes harder, because human being are suffering a dehydration condition, which make them unwilling to continue the bicycling.


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2 Responses to Bicycling Condition

  1. wmz1991 says:

    Yes indeed, riding bike is healthy and economic. But riding in cold and windy weather without good body protection is dangerous. The problem that might occur is not only feeling cold but a long term effect. In China rheumatic arthritis is common and usually caused by riding motor cycle or bikes in winter.

  2. I also believe that choosing whether or not to ride a bike in certain weather conditions has to do with the state in which you arrive. Most people don’t want to arrive either covered in sweat or wet from rain, etc. Winter and summer seasons jeopardize the assurance that you will arrive at your destination in a “comfortable” fashion. In the winter, during my exams, I personally take the bus to school just because I don’t want to sit through an exam with my clothes still wet from the rain.

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