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Wireless electric bicycle

Daymak’s new shadow ebike is a totally wireless. The entire electrical system integrates the battery, the electric motor, the magnetic regenerative brakes, the throttle, and the pedal-assist functions. Daymak plans to offer the shadow ebike with a choice if 250W … Continue reading

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Building up your own electric bicycle

In this post, I will give you a general idea about what you mainly need when you convert your regular bicycle into an electric bicycle. The first component you need is the motor. Normally, it ranges from 200 watts to … Continue reading

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Ebike, get in shape & save energy

If you want to improve your health, lose weight, or get in shape, what would be your choice, bicycle or electric bicycle? In my opinion, for starting your exercise, electric bicycle is a better idea than bicycle. There are two … Continue reading

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Rent an “electric” bicycle

What if we have renting spots for electric bicycles beside the train station? I think that would be a great idea. Imagine that, you just get off the train, and you are so tired that you want to reach your … Continue reading

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An electric vehicle you can carry in hand

In this time, I will talk about another sustainable “electric vehicle” which you can carry in hand, boosted board. Boosted boards are a souped-up version of a skateboard that runs on a tiny motor, powerful enough to take you up … Continue reading

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Tips for Buying an E-bike

Based on what we talked before, you may have a certain knowledge about e-bike. E-bike is the most economical, practical, and fun way to get around, no matter for hauling goods, commuting long distance, or just a leisurely. However, choosing … Continue reading

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Case Study 1: E-bike, Antidote? Poison?

There are around 120 million e-bikes on China’s roads-up from 50,000 a decade ago, making it the fast growing form of transportation in China. At first, cities embraced them as a quieter and cleaner alternative to gasoline-powered scooters. However, officials … Continue reading

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